Flipboard CEO leaves Twitter board as relationship with developers deteriorates

02 Aug 12Sarah Gill

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue is stepping down from his position on Twitter’s board of directors, a position he has held since 2010, in a move that is linked to the microblogging firm’s increasingly tense relationship with third-party developers. It is not yet known whether Twitter will name a replacement for McCue, who was appointed to the role as part of a deal between the firm and one of its major backers, Kleiner Perkins, which also backs Flipboard.

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Tensions have reportedly been rising between the two companies since Twitter altered its mobile offering to display content including videos and photos in a Flipboard-style display. The news comes as Twitter says it is tightening up its rules for third-party apps, such as Flipboard, that integrate tweets from the microblogging service. It has already cut off access for LinkedIn, with McCue’s move seen as a sign that Flipboard could also lose access.


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