Mobile social network tops US mobile web visits

22 May 09Jasper Jackson

Mobile social network MocoSpace is more popular than MySpace among US mobile internet users, according to Hitwise data from April. MocoSpace, a social network designed specifically for mobiles, attracted 15.75% of all mobile web page visits, compared with 10.28% for MySpace’s mobile offering.

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Scottish Avatar-based social network WeeWorld also made it into the top 10, attracting 2.88% of all mobile web page visits. Facebook Mobile failed to make the top 10 most-visited mobile pages, despite being the largest social network in the world.

Ringtone web pages also proved popular, with MyxerTones occupying third place in comScore’s rankings with 8.38% of all US page visits. and PhoneZoo were fifth and sixth, both with around 3% of the market.


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