Twitter sounds death knell for third-party developers with new rules

Twitter is implementing stricter rules regarding how developers can use its API in a move that could signal the end of the raft of third-party apps that are popular among the microblogging website’s users. Twitter’s consumer product director, Michael Sippey, says in a blog post that the firm is updating its guidelines, notably restricting new third-party Twitter app developers to just 100,000 users. Existing clients such as Hootsuite and Tweetbot can double their current user count before being affected by a cap. Furthermore, any developer that wants to leverage the API now has to be authenticated by the firm, and they must display the tweets according to Twitter’s guidelines. The decisions indicate Twitter’s intentions to gain a greater degree of control over its ecosystem as it attempts to shore up its business model and draw greater revenues from its ad platforms. However, the move has weakened Twitter’s relationship with developers still further, and risks reducing the some of the innovation that has caused Twitter’s rapid growth since its launch.

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