Google received USD2.75 per Android device in 2011

Google received an average of just USD2.75 in revenue per Android device during 2011, according to new research from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, indicating the struggle Google still faces in generating significant revenues from the open-source mobile operating system. In his paper, ‘The Android Income Statement’, Dediu estimates that, while Google is publicly aiming to generate an average of USD10 per Android device per year, it actually generated around USD6.50 in 2011 as the number of devices sold in emerging markets brought down the total. Dediu estimates that after the revenues are split between smartphone manufacturers, mobile operators and app developers, Google itself receives approximately 42% of the total revenues per device per year, or USD2.75. Smartphone manufacturers receive an average of USD0.76, operators USD1.07 and developers as a group get USD1.94, according to Dediu.