Google targeted just USD278.1m revenue from Android in 2010

Google anticipated just USD278.1m in mobile revenues from its Android OS in 2010, with just USD3.8m coming from app sales in its Android App Market, according to figures released by Google during its patent lawsuit with Oracle. Mobile ads were expected to command the lion’s share of 2010 revenues, according to Google, with Android chief Andy Rubin labelling the software’s app offering as a lowlight for the OS, citing “low rate of app purchases, policy issues”. Google expected the gulf between app sales and ad revenues to widen, forecasting USD840.2m from mobile ads this year, compared to USD840.2m from apps. However, Android revenues are likely to be significantly higher just two years later, with Google claiming that just 20m Android-based devices were in the market in July 2010, with 160,000 being activated daily, compared to more than 300m devices and 850,000 daily activations globally as of February.

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